Red Box LED Lighting

LED lighting is the way forward, and gives you incredible benefits. For many companies and organisations, changing over to LED’s is a no-brainer: high quality lighting, covered by a Government backed loan, which qualifies for tax relief and lowers carbon emissions.

LED Lighting and The Energy Saving Trust

The Energy Saving Trust was set up by the Government and heavily incentivises the use of LED lighting installations in commercial premises to reduce their carbon footprint.

With LED lighting slashing 85% off lighting bills, compared to standard lighting installations, many businesses are now urgently replacing their outdated and hugely inefficient lighting installations. Updating old lighting systems reduces the premises Carbon Foot Print and improves the EPC-energy performance certificate.

Imagine not having to change high level interior and exterior lights for 15 years...massive savings on expensive man hours and replacement bulbs!!

Saving 85% on your lighting bills is hard to believe...
Watch this video to see how dramatically lighting has advanced to make this possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t I simply change the bulbs / light fittings myself?

Commercial establishments are required by law to use a qualified electrician to change light fittings. Health and safety requirements are stringent for commercial operations requiring method statements, insurances, and appropriate qualifications etc. When updating to LED, a percentage of lighting installations require modifications to the wiring, which again must be carried out by a qualified NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting) electrician. Red Box LED have to do the survey and calculations to submit to the Energy Saving Trust so that a loan (if desired) from the EST’s lender can be processed. We need to sign off the installation as approved works so that you can get your capital tax allowance.

How is the loan arranged via the Energy Saving Trusts preferred lender?

If you would like a “ tailor made “ loan to pay for the cost of your new LED lighting installation we will make the application and submit it to the energy trust. The monthly repayment can be based on the amount you save once the LED installation has been completed. The loan repayments are covered by the savings in your lighting bills so there is no extra cost to you. After the loan is repaid, say 12/18 months, all the savings are pure profit. Obviously loans are subject to status, terms and conditions. We provide certification to prove the installation is an investment in approved energy efficient lighting equipment so you can write-off of the TOTAL investment cost against tax in the FIRST year. We will also flag up any inadequacies in the lighting circuits for your peace of mind.

Why should I switch to LED lighting? What are the benefits?

Superior light quality-After sunlight LED lighting is the purest light available. Full brightness is reached instantly. There is no flickering. Totally non-hazardous -LED light bulbs contain no mercury or toxic gases and do not emit infrared or ultra violet rays Long lasting - LED bulbs last over 15 years – YES 15 years plus, so no more replacing bulbs 3,4,5 times a year which means even more cost savings. No more labour costs to change the bulbs especially in high, difficult to access locations including high level external security lighting and no more periods where horrible looking blown bulbs are awaiting replacement…well at least not for 15 years! Energy saving- LED lighting uses 10-15% of the electricity used by traditional bulbs. You make an 85%+ saving on your lighting bills. Environmentally friendly-Conserves energy, Reduces CO2 emissions, Reduces your carbon footprint by up to a third, LEDs are 100% recyclable and do not end up in landfill sites unlike other bulbs.

Does my business qualify?

The scheme is open to all businesses who:
• Have been trading for more than 12 months
• Have a suitable credit rating
• Have less than 250 employees
• Have an annual turnover lower than £42.5m

Will my business be interrupted?

In short, NO! Our client care is second to none. We work at times to suit you and ensure there is a seamless transition from the old installation to the new.